‘Red crisps’: one of SP’s major food groups, a limited diet being typical for a child with autism.

Also typical for a child with autism, those red crisps for SP specifically have to be Walkers Ready Salted variety, specifically in THIS style of packet:

Unfortunately at the minute, Walkers are running a competition, so their packets look like this:

Please tell me I’m not the first parent to decant crisps from the rejected amended packet to an old packet that I luckily hadn’t got round to putting in the bin (although I suspect if need be I would have plucked an empty packet from the waste paper basket).

Mercifully this time round the re-design is temporary, but I’ll be guarding the old packet with my life until normal packaging resumes. So if you see a woman losing her shit over a binned crisp packet in the next couple of months, do say hi.


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