A Request

” I want to go to Thomas Land Japan.”

It’s Saturday lunchtime and Thomas Land Japan is 5,844 miles away. SP wants us to drive. I’m not sure we’ll make it by closing time.

“Oh come on – it’ll be fun.” (Followed by 8 hours of “oh, but pleeeeeease.“)

One day I might let him know there’s actually a Thomas Land in Staffordshire…but possibly not until we’re in the car with tickets booked.

Until then, is there a way I can block all access to Thomas Land-related YouTube clips? Are the parental controls that adaptable? Or does anyone know how to convince an autistic 4-year-old of the concepts of time/space/mummy not having a money tree in the garden?

In the meantime, I have warned Husband there’s every chance one day he’ll come back from a football trip to find a note on the telly: “Gone to Thomas Land Japan. Back (much) later.”


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