Power Nap

Dear Apple

I would like to offer you the opportunity of hiring out my son for the purpose of technological research. Given that your products fail to sustain a day of intensive autism-friendly usage, I think it would be in your best interests to research whatever power source allows my son to nap in the back of the car for 5 minutes (literally five minutes, with me urging him to stay awake, but his head lolling anyway) and wake as though he’s had a full night’s sleep. Imagine, a battery charge from 0% to 100% that doesn’t drain any quicker than a normal recharge!

I’m pretty sure, with enough research, you could harness that ability for the good of your products. Which would be a major result because have you experienced the autistic fallout of an expired battery life?!?! Let’s just say, it isn’t pretty!

All I request in return is the chance to recharge my own batteries. Something with marshmallow soft pillows, comforting tog rating and a king-size mattress all to myself. Eight hours undisturbed would be amazing!

It’s a win all round, I feel. I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely



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